Recognizing National Crime Victims' Rights Week in April
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Survivor Speech 2017 - Casey Simoni
“My strength has always been my children. I never wanted them to turn to bad things like I did. I don’t want my daughters to think love is abusive or my sons to think it’s ok to hit the women they love.”
Deana Bovee
“Crime should not be viewed as someone else’s problem, but rather a community problem that often has devastating effects on individuals, families, neighborhoods, schools, businesses and the community as a whole.”
Tori French
Tori was recognized for her hard work behind the scenes in making the Empathy in Education award possible.
Vanessa Bonilla
Empathy in Education Award
Vanessa, a former employee of LFS, was recognized for her 3 years as a Crisis Line Volunteer.
“The winner of this year’s Empathy in Education Award makes magic ice packs, picks kids’ heads for bugs, and according to the most creative entry form the staff at Lassen Family Services has ever seen, she sends us home when we puke and gives us new pants when we pee. Living out a love for children every day by handing out crackers for belly aches, calling family, keeping kids safe and always being lovable qualifies Jessica Kortuem as the winner of the 2017 Empathy in Education Award.”
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