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LFS Office:                                                                                             257-4599  

LFS Admin:                                                                                            257-5459

Crisis Line:                                                                                             257-5004 

Crisis Line Toll Free/Out of Area                                    888-289-5004

Educational Resources

Warning Signs
Extreme jealousy
Relationship moving or progressing quickly
Isolation from friends and family
Put downs, criticism, and intentional embarrassment, especially in the presence of others
Being told what to do or how to dress
Sexual pressure
Calling or texting non-stop
ANY form of physical harm
Many relationship groups use the Power and Control Wheel. Battered individuals can point to each of the tactics on the wheel and clearly explain how these behaviors were used against them. They are able to see that they are not alone in their experience and more fully understand how their batterer could exert such control over them.
Do you understand the cycle of violence?  These facts will help you recognize patterns that keep the cycle repeating itself, over and over. 
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