Lassen Family Services provides community services, education, and emotional support to adults, children, and seniors affected by domestic violence and sexual assault. 
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Our Mission: Lassen Family Services, Inc. is committed to ending abuse in our community through Prevention, Healing, Advocacy, Safety and Education, compassionate intervention, and effective partnerships with local community and social service agencies that will support the victim’s journey to empowerment. 
  We are committed to:
  • Providing victims and survivors the resources needed for safety, healing and prevention from further victimization
  • Working within our community to promote and participate in intervention, education, and advocacy to prevent domestic violence, sexual assault, child abuse and elder abuse
Lassen Family Services was founded in 1979 as a grassroots effort to provide prevention and intervention services to victims of violence in Lassen County. While the initial focus was on Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault Rape Crisis, LFS’ scope of services  has expanded to provide the following:
  • Emergency Shelter and 24-Hour Crisis Line
  • Peer Counseling,  Peer Support Trauma  Groups, and Law Enforcement and Hospital Accompaniment
  • Restraining Order Assistance and Court Accompaniment
  • Child Abuse Treatment (CHAT) Program
  • Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA) Program
  • Parent Education , Parent Partner, and Prevention Education Programs
  • Emergency Food and Clothing, Emergency and Non-Emergency Transportation, and Community Resource and Referrals
 LFS employees and volunteers working with DV and/or SARC victims and survivors are required to complete a minimum 72 hours of crisis intervention training which includes the mandated Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Counselor Certification.  

Board of Directors

Gary Bridges
Erik "Andy" Beck
Linda McAndrews
Board Chair
RETIRED Former Business Owner. Expertise in Business Operations; excellent Public Relation Skills, fundraising skills; assist with fundraising events; maintaining and building community relationships.
Date of Appointment – 6/30/10
Vice President
State of California – High Desert State Prison Community Resources Manager.
Date of Appointment – 4/28/15
State of California – CDCR/C.C.C. Correctional Counselor I.
Date of Appointment – 3/6/13
Secretary – 8/28/2014
Christine DeForest
Justin Cadili
Jane Gardner
Retired American Airlines / LCOE.
Date of Appointment – 9/12/14

Lumberjack Restaurant Owner
Date of Appointment – 3/22/17
Retired Chicago Title
Date of Appointment – 3/22/17

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